Free the bird

The world's best-loved publishing brand is used to leading its industry in style. In the 1930s it brought the paperback format to the masses, dressed up in one of the most iconic visual identities of all time.

Things have changed quite a bit since then, but Penguin is still at the forefront, bringing the best stories and ideas to readers around the world.

They invited us to become part of their own story by helping them amplify their brand in an increasingly competitive digital age. Or, as they put it: 'It's time to free the bird'.

With a mix of excitement and awe that comes with approaching a 77-year old global institution, we got stuck in.

The Penguin Collection is a series of beautiful products inspired by classic titles and their original tri-band design. Our distinctive labelling system and communications style has brought this diverse range together simply and cleanly. 

The Penguin Pop-up Shop brings brilliant books and the standout pieces from the Penguin Collection to new audiences in unexpected places. 

Penguin represents the world's greatest storytellers, but lots of people don't make the connection. So to make sure its own story didn't get lost, and to inextricably link Penguin with their outstanding author brands, we elevated and integrated the Penguin brand.

Changing the size and colour of the mark means they can now share centre stage with the biggest names in the business.

When Penguin talked about 'freeing the bird', they meant it metaphorically. But we felt it important to explore literally too. One of the first things we did was to release our flightless friend from his oval, and give him the space to spread his wings.

We created a simple brand ident, full of energy and fun. Yet at the same time, very respectful of the mark and its heritage. It's the first time in history that the Penguin has been made to move.

And we're continuing to work with Penguin - developing and building on the brand film, guidelines, idents and animations that have already been brought to life in the latest chapter of their brand story.