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Re-making money

Financial services brands used to take decades to garner trust and credibility, but the sands are shifting radically.

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Wally Olins

Wally shaped ALL of us. I dont mean everyone in our company or even everyone in our industry. I mean everyone who has any sense of what a business or brand is. Its easy now in an age of brand exuberance to forget that most client presentations used to start with a kill the shibboleths on Why identity matters.

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v3 @ Hyper Island

We wanted to see what all the fuss was about and hopefully bring back some learnings for v3. We werent disappointed.

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A golden future for sports

Something's happening in the world of sports that we've never seen before in India. From top to bottom, it feels like the business of sports is finally being taken seriously.

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Tech, say hello to fashion

By bringing in leaders from the fashion industry, Apple is making a statement of intent - creativity matters at this company. It's what will keep us innovative, on-trend and exciting. And its what will keep us flocking to buy their products in droves.

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Lots to live up to

Today sees the relaunch of the TSB brand on the British high-street. For many it represents feelings of nostalgia and happy long forgotten youth. For others, still reeling from the economic hardship of recent years, it's simply another bank promising the earth yet skeptically inviting the question, 'can it deliver?'

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Brands can save workers

At venturethree we believe the recent Bangladesh disaster should be a wake up call to us all, and we will be exploring new innovative ways that brands can save lives over the next few months.

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