Evolving Penguin Random House

Ideas to inspire the world

Theres only one publisher with a brand powerful enough to connect directly with consumers. Were Penguins creative partner, helping them frame and express the role they play in peoples lives.

The publishing industry is going through its biggest changes since the Gutenberg press. And Penguin, the world's most innovative publisher, has been a leading light in shaping this new world.

We have the privilege of working side-by-side with Penguin, as their brand partners. And unlike a typical contained branding project, it has been an organic, iterative relationship that has touched every team and every aspect of their business.


Publishing used to follow a linear model. Author pitches idea to a publisher > works with an editor to refine > publisher publishes the book.

Today, things work very differently. Penguin works with a broad spectrum of creative talent, from illustrators and developers, to toy manufacturers and designers. From this network, they create a wide range of products including books, ebooks, toys, apps, websites and games.

Our close relationship with Penguin gives us unprecedented access to the leadership team, brand and marketing teams, as well as editorial, to help us understand and define this shift.

And our thinking together has led to a key strategic insight: though Penguin made its name in popularizing the quality paperback, it's no longer only about books. Penguin is now in the business of quality stories and ideas in any form.


The other major change Penguin want to make is to build a more direct relationship with their consumers.

Already the best-known publishing house, Penguin has its sights set on becoming a world-famous consumer brand. To do this, it doesn't need to change who it is, as much as amplify what already makes it so great or, in their own words, "free the bird".

So Penguin is not just making stories and ideas, it is actively bringing them to the world. Our refined brand purpose - 'To inspire the world with stories and ideas that matter' is the bedrock for all of our thinking and activity.

We are still storytellers, but we are telling our stories in many different ways.

Tom Weldon, Chief Executive, ?Penguin Random House, UK

We work closely with Penguin's brand, marketing and digital teams on a range of innovative initiatives and experiences, campaigns and communications that bring the core brand idea to life.

They range in scale from tactical, fast-moving projects such as their pop-up shop and digital content, to major strategic work including defining their digital strategy, brand architecture and consumer products identity.

And together we are continuously developing and amplifying the brand - like animating the Penguin icon, and telling the brand story through films, illustrations, design and language.

Every success has been down to our collaborative working relationship with the Penguin team, which leads to amazing insights, fluid idea sharing and flexible creative development.


In July 2013, Penguin and Random House announced that they would be merging to create the world's biggest publisher. This is an incredibly exciting opportunity and we continue to work closely with Penguin Random House UK to further shape this brave new world of publishing.