If you’re hungry, independent and collaborative, this could be your place. You’ll enjoy the freedom to be creative and to make decisions. You’ll be trusted to put your original thinking and entrepreneurial attitude to work. 

Could you write a well better sentence than this?

We’re after a fresh writer to join us on a 3 month internship. If you’ve got the raw talent, we’ll give you the experience. Here’s the kind of stuff you’ll be doing.                      

·      Creative concepts

·      Film & TV scripts

·      Headlines & key messaging

·      Proofreading

·      Writing in various different tones & styles

v3 is also a friendly, sociable kind of place so you'll have fun along the way too, which is nice.

Fancy it? Get in touch with your portfolio and CV

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We’re looking for a Technology Manager with 6+ years experience to join our team. You’ll be responsible for the complete running, renewal and updates of all our kit – from desktops to laptops, phones to TVs, cameras, printers and much more.

Here’s what we have, and what you’ll build on:

  • Hyper-V virtualisation environment
  • Active Directory with Office 365 integration
  • A mixture of PC and Mac servers
  • Mac workstations
  • Casper
  • Xsan
  • IP telephony
  • HP switching
  • 3D render farm

Our ideal candidate:

  • Would have experience working with around 50 users, preferably within the creative industry
  • Is friendly & personable, who enjoys interacting with users as well as machines
  • Someone who can explain the technical to the not so technical
  • Be a good trouble shooter, logical & methodical in their approach
  • Someone who’s curious & proactive in furthering their knowledge
  • A self-starter that wants to get things done properly
  • Likes to describe themselves as ‘house proud’ at work
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How can we work together to progress? Where can we find brave, new clients? Can you help to lead us in new directions?

Shape our future, inspire the conversation through to pitch and beyond. Co-create proposals and pitch responses, and lead exciting new marketing initiatives with the support of a talented team.

As a senior member of the new business team you’ll:

  • Collaborate with the senior team to a create smart, innovative business development strategy 

  • Build strategic partnerships with new prospects. Have instant rapport and an in-depth understanding of their industry and challenges
  • Work together with the team to create and convert opportunities and grow senior level relationships with persistence and drive
  • Be a strategic and analytical thinker, who can quickly grasp information and create clear, inspiring brand briefs and co-lead pitch teams
  • Help create innovative marketing activities
  • Be plugged-in to the world of business and brand and be ready to jump on opportunities that can play to our strengths and capabilities 

You’ll be part of team of bright thinkers and dedicated makers, from strategists and technologists to writers and designers.  You’ll work with clients from across the world and have the opportunity to innovate, test ideas, and grow.

Salary: dependent on experience, includes generous benefits package

Holiday: 25 days paid

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What gets your analytical brain ticking and lets your creative flare?

Is it solving new and exciting challenges like how to help the UN fund a giant wall of trees stretching across Africa? Or how to bring Chinese gaming to the west? Or how to be a big entertainment brand in the age of streaming? Then we could have a big opportunity for you.

What we’re after:

  • The ability to reinvent brands from the inside out, from positioning and architecture to experience design and culture change
  • 10 years’ experience, building original, world-class brand and creative strategies
  • Someone who is immersed in traditions and trends, cultures and subcultures, technology and new enterprise, politics and economics – in the way we live
  • Someone who can help CEOs right through to junior teams to think bravely, to disrupt and innovate
  • A problem-solver and catalyst for ideas who can challenge clients in meaningful ways and in response to changing local and global dynamics
  • An intuitive understanding of clients, what they want and need

You’ll get to exercise your mind, work on progressive briefs with leadership teams across the world. You’ll be part of a talented group of thinkers and makers, from strategists and technologists to writers and designers.

If you can bring the kind of substance, charm and energy that can win people over at every level of an organisation, you’ll be able to shape the way v3 work and do something truly groundbreaking.

Salary: dependent on experience, includes generous benefits package

Holiday: 25 days paid

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How can a big entertainment brand compete with a tech disruptor? How can a media giant truly empower women in India? How can a leading charity push us towards ending extreme poverty?

If you’ve got a restless and inquisitive mind, a flair for communicating ideas, if you’re inspired by rethinking, reimagining and transforming businesses, we’d love to hear about you.

What we’re after:

  • Around 5 years’ experience in branding
  • An alternative and smart thinker
  • Top-notch written skills
  • Quick to get to the guts of a project
  • Great at sparking, shaping and leading the discussion
  • Eager to do the rigour – researching, evaluating and analysing 
  • Gets involved with the little things and the big ones
  • Experience in running workshops

You’ll get to stretch your imagination and your abilities. You’ll work on exciting briefs with talented thinkers and makers, from strategists and technologists to writers and designers. You’ll have the space to think, to share and debate your ideas.

Salary:  dependent on experience, includes generous benefits package

Holiday: 25 days paid

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