Technical, creative, moving image fan who’s switched on to the world. (With 2 - 7 years of agency experience).

If you need to go to Mozambique to chilli, you should go. Or nail the technical details from the studio. And if you want to get artistic, there’s space to flourish. Our Motion team are a real mix of skills and interests. Graduate-trained and self-taught Motion people welcome.

You’ll be important to us because of your ability to:

  • Master the technical details and the big, epic picture 
  • Understand exactly what’s happening in Motion (from NPR to Escheresque transitions)
  • Collaborate and share ideas
  • Design impressive After Effects 
  • Build in Cinema 4D 
  • Edit creatively in Final Cut or Premier

You’ll be part of a team who will allow you to:

  • Polish your skills, work to the highest standards 
  • Grow your technical abilities and learn new ones
  • Get involved in bold projects with progressive brands 
  • Work with inspiring and experienced people (speakers, leaders, CEOs)
  • Explore ideas and interests