We are on a mission to be the world’s most progressive brand company and to help us get there, we’re looking for someone with 2-3 years previous experience to manage our busy studio. As a central person in the business, you’ll oversee the day to day runnings of our work space, but above all, bring fresh and innovative ideas which help take working life at v3 to the next level.   

Here’s what you’ll do:

  • Be the host with the most. Meet and greet our guests and make sure our people have everything they need to do their jobs everyday.
  • Manage relationships with our suppliers and maintenance contractors, such as stationary, mobile phone contracts, landlord relations and company insurance renewals.
  • Think creatively about our space. Oversee refurbishment projects and, based on your knowledge of the company, suggest new ideas that will enhance how we work together.
  • Keep up with studio administration. Make sure budgets, addresses and all contact information is kept up to date.
  • Drive our events programme. Suggest guest speakers for Red Wednesday, topics for our new business breakfasts, and manage company-wide workshops. Oversee the management of these events.
  • Build the culture. Be central to it and think of ways, big and small, to make venturethree a fun and inspiring place to work.
  • Be responsible for our company policies. Review Health & Safety and our fire safety policies annually.
  • Oversee the studio assistant internship programme. Work with our studio intern to ensure day-to-day runnings of the studio are covered and our exact standards are upheld at all times.
  • Direct and run our socials. Develop unique ideas that are bold and creative, and make sure they happen on time and on budget.

And what is our ideal candidate like?

  • Proven operational experience in a creative company.
  • Agile. A thinker and a doer, able to react quickly and think on you’re feet.
  • Excellent at customer service. You’re helpful, you care and you’re all over the detail.
  • Has a natural presence. Confident in the space you work.
  • Full of ideas, passion and energy.
  • A solid project manager. You know what you need to do by when, and can organise suppliers and our internal team to get things done.
  • Unrelenting, drive and persistence. You’re hungry to push yourself and v3.
  • Hard working. You put in the leg work and expect it from those around you too.
  • Great with people. You’re sociable, enthusiastic and charming. 
  • The ears and the eyes. You’re all over everything.

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We always want to hear from interesting people. So even if you don’t find what you’re looking for, tell us what your ideal job would be and why you could do it like no one else.

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