You joined us in 2019 with undeniable talent, unbounded ambition and something just that little bit special.

You captured our attention by telling us you wanted to imagine, shape and empower brands through language. You captured our imagination and ruffled a few designer feathers - with your belief that it is in fact words that are worth a thousand pictures.

From your first word, it was clear to partners and peers that your classical language education provided a platform for brilliance. Yet it was your passion for the dark art and forensic science of creative writing that created the magic to accelerate you to our head of copy in just 18 months.

You have already proven yourself as a tone of voice titan, a master of messaging and a reluctant-yet-proficient punster. Creatives love you. Clients demand you. The team you are building believe in you.

How lucky we all are you applied.

Although you admire good corporate copy, you also appreciate keeping things concise:

  • 5+ years experience writing for brands (probably)
  • Classical training or education in English language
  • Proof you write as a passion, not just a profession
  • Can impress with original, conceptual thinking
  • Happy and able to deliver a category-defying Tone of Voice program for Big Inc. in Belarus as exceptionally and as creatively as a culture-defining campaign concept for Digital Disruptors in Denver

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