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I'd just like to take my hat off to Mr Christian Schroeder of Lambie-Nairn fame for his quote in Design week.

'Either the collective design industry of London is incapable of designing a London logo, or the criteria against which they are measuring good design is based on a subjective beauty parade of rubbish'


That's been our beef all along. We're not bad losers, we just feel that the people responsible for selecting a logo for one of the best cities on the planet shouldn't be allowed to judge the best vegetable award at a village fete. This is not meant as a criticism, I'm sure they are all excellent at their day jobs and add huge value to the GLA, but judging design of this importance needs expertise. How difficult could it be to hire a big hitting pro like Peter Saville to make sure we don't get another howler like '2012?.

We propose a forum to showcase every submission to the pitch and allow industry experts, and the people of London judge the winner, a bit like X Factor.

In the mean time, we're busily bringing the unofficial London logo to life, together with The Design Museum, Blanka, Magma and We've been surprised by the positive response that our logo has received from the design community and the people of London, and less surprised that the government bureaucrats don't know a good thing when they see it.


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