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Shakira's had a go. So has R Kelly. And Rascal. Baddiel and Skinner have kept out of this one. And maybe rightly so.

Because when it comes to the enduring sound of this World Cup, no one stands a cat in hell's chance against the mighty Vuvuzela.

Don't worry, it's not a new rapper that you have to pretend you've heard of. It's just a little trumpet. But times this little trumpet by a 20,000 pairs of lungs, and nothing else stands a chance.

Anyone who watched England's warm-up match will have already had a taste. If you didn't see it, have a look at the clip below. (Those without sound, imagine 20 chatty wasps have snuck into your skull and you're almost there.)

Perhaps the Vuvuzela will go down as a nostalgic echo of England's triumph. Or maybe it'll be become the sound-bed of more broken dreams. Either way, we bet the noise will stay in your head for hours after the final whistle.


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