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Lady Gaga's been impossible to ignore over the last year. But it was only last night when v3 got a chance to see her bonkers Monster's Ball at The O2 that we understood why. Being a great pop star is one thing, but being a great pop star and a great brand is what really gets the millions screaming.

So is it possible to really think of Gaga as a brand?

Well, even though there were costume changes galore, each one, bizarre as it looked, seemed perfectly proper for her. In the same way, the thousands of outfits worn by fans dressed as their idol were all unmistakably Gaga-influenced. Never have so many odd-looking things felt so strangely harmonious.

Then there's the consistency and immaculate attention to detail; merchandise tshirts and bits of writing on-stage were all in the cheeky, laconic, naughty-but-morbid tone of voice that Gaga spoke to the fans in all night. And violins, harps and keyboards were all Gagafied one set of keys appeared from out of nowhere in a car bonnet.

All together, it created something more than the Lady herself. A big idea. A unique look. An arena packed with 20,000 adoring fans

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