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Despite the doom and gloom, the last few months have been amazing. We've launched two major High Street rebrands. First Waterstone's and this week, Comet. We're right at the start of the journey with both, putting a new idea and new identity at the heart of each business. We love shopping. And we love shops. They're a great canvas for brilliant brands to shine from. As people pick and choose what to spend their hard-earned cash on, there's never been a more crucial time for us to do our best work for retailers. Today's brands have to be bigger, brighter and more exciting than ever to cut through and win people's loyalty when times are tough. So we've never worked harder to make it happen, for clients in the UK and beyond. At the end of the month, we're off to the India Retail Forum in Mumbai to meet ambitious Indian retailers and introduce them to venturethree.


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