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Guest blog India Sehmi

Thursday 19 August, 2010. What to you, may seem a completely insignificant date is in fact the day that sixth formers across the nation are counting down to, myself included (14 hours 6 minutes and 54 seconds to go). For those getting AS results (like me) Thursday will bluntly confirm whether the universities I am hoping to apply to are completely out of my league.

Uni Illustration Small

But for many, it'll be a different story. Instead of university, more and more 18 year olds are heading directly to employers for vocational training, instead of academia. BT had over 24,000 offers for 220 places. M&S had 3,000 offers for 30 places that's twice as competitive as UCL.

Why the change? Well, climb up University Application Mountain today and you'll find it's got a lot steeper. With 170,000 students not making their offers, and the introduction of the A* grade it's no surprise that thousands in my position are now ditching the hike completely. Even the universities minister is supporting options other than university.

So will we see degrees pushed aside for internships with big brands? Personally, I'm still planning to go down the more traditional route. Though perhaps I should wait to see if the University of Topshop will be taking applications before I make my mind up completely.

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