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There have been a couple of recent examples of cultural heavyweights combining to brilliant effect.

First up, The Simpsons' collaboration with Banksy. While they have a history of sticking it to Fox, this is by far the furthest they've taken it. Gloriously dark, its inspiration lies in Fox's outsourcing of animation to South Korea. Needless to say, it took a while to get the all-clear and numerous people weren't entirely happy with it. Mind you, they say that if no one's offended, you probably haven't produced anything of note. No chances taken here then.

The other inspired example comes from Sesame Street's homage to the Old Spice ad. For those who haven't seen Wieden+Kennedy's brilliant spot, here it is.

It's been absolutely massive in the US and when things get really big they get parodied the ultimate tribute. All of which brings us nicely to Sesame Street's take on it.

Mash-ups don't always work, but when handled with care by talented individuals they can be pretty special. And these two definitely fall into that category.

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