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There's lots of noise about The Robin Hood Tax at the moment. While the social and financial ins and outs are still a bit foggy, the publicity it's getting is pretty clear.

Campaigns and petitions like this tend to come and go, often largely unnoticed. So what is it about this one that's grabbed people's imagination?

Policies aside, a great name, neat little ad, and the backing of a bumbling Bill Nighy certainly don't do it any harm. But I think plenty of the success is down to their writing


The Robin Hood Tax website is nice to read, easy to grasp and packs some rather unexpected words for what's quite a heavy topic. There's no formal, suit-and-tie financial speak in sight.

Yet the subject doesn't feel dumbed down one bit. It proves a point that we're often telling clients: you can be serious without being formal.

It also proves that when it comes to putting your argument across, good writing isn't just a luxury: it's a necessity. Whether it's a piece of direct marketing, or just letting people know your brand's take on the world, choosing the right words is vital if you want people to understand and listen.

Whatever happens with Robin Hood, the first job's been done. People are sitting up and taking notice.

See the Robin Hood Tax website here.

And, in the interest of balance, read why this FT journalist isn't sold on the idea.

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