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I had the pleasure to be a +1 at this years Brand New Conference in San Francisco. It was my first BNConf and their second but I already had big expectations as I'm such a fan of Bryony and Armin's work for Under Consideration. And impressive it was. To pull off a conference of this scale and quality is a hard thing to do, especially when it was all down to two individuals. Armin and Bryony.

Being a +1 meant I had dinner with the speakers the night before at Fog City Diner. It was great to finally meet Armin and Bryony but the star of the show was Matteo from Mucca Design. His slightly outrageous sense of humor had everyone in fits of laughter and I almost forgot I was surrounded by a table of design legends.

The conference kicked off with Vince Frost, a personal hero who didn't disappoint. He showed us that the idea is in the brief. "A gift from the client". His approach is to embrace the client, involve them in the process so there's no selling required when it's time to present.

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