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The view from the 41st floor of the newly built Sheraton in D Cube city shows the scale of Seoul's ambition. A high rise city on the scale of So Paulo, whose only boundaries are the surrounding mountains (and the DMZ).

South Korea is feeling the global economic meltdown but they're not in recession. Far from it. With new buildings shooting up from the ground at every turn, and some of the world's most respected brands: LG, Samsung, Hyundai, Kia, Lotte, Korea is really going places.

The iPhone didn't launch in South Korea until 3 years after it did in the UK. Smart phones didn't take off until a year or so ago but already 90% of the population have one. Koreans are quick. They walk quick, they talk quick and they pick up new things quick.

There's a real sense of pride here. A sense of national identity from the Bimbimbap to every car, bus, truck and van being Korean made (Samsung even make houses here). And this pride is ready to explode on the global scene. Korean art and pop music are the next global exports.

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