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After years of living in the shadows, Myspace might just be bringing itself back into the fold with its fourth redesign. The original darling of social networking is going back to its music roots with a slick new interface. And we absolutely love it.

Equally surprising as Myspace's return is Justin Timberlake's involvement. A far cry from the boy band singer that we all know and love, JT now holds an ownership stake in the company and played a huge role in the think-tanking that's gone into the revamp.

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The preview video for the new layout shows a lot of promise. And whilst their long-term plans are shrouded in mystery, for now it looks like it will be working in-sync with Facebook and Twitter, rather than replacing them.

But is it a case of too little, too late? Aren't we all a little tired of the latest new social media craze? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Spotify, Pinterest, SoundCloud, foursquare do we need another account to share our lives through?

Social media overload is an obstacle but also an opportunity for Myspace. If it can do something radically new, then now would be a great time to do it. By focusing on music it could frog leap over the failed marriage of Facebook and Spotify. No-one wants their friends to see their secret Elton John playlist, but surely music x social networking has enormous potential. At a time when the music industry is in search of salvation, it just might arrive in the resurrection of a former pioneer.

Whether Myspace can put itself back onto its former pedestal remains to be seen. But from what it's shown so far we just might have seen something Mass Fantastic in the (re)making.

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