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That's the challenge I find myself with after Jeremy Gilley and D&AD came in to venturethree and set us a very exciting and very open brief.

The open brief.
Terrifying in its expanse of possibilities. But just as tempting for the same reason

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Where do you start?
It's a situation that always brings me back to a piece of advice I heard a published writer give a class of writing students. Typically and understandably, the class had responded to an assignment by trying to tackle the grand themes head on. But despite their best efforts to articulate love, life and existence, more often than not the work failed to hit home.

The writer's advice?
If you try and write about the meaning of life you'll hit a brick wall. Write about a brick wall, you might just find the meaning of life."

Find a focus, and the rest will follow.
In many ways, it's the approach Jeremy Gilley has taken in responding to his own brief. How do you start to fix the mind-bogglingly-massive problem of global warfare and violence, and keep it fixed year after year?

His answer: start by fixing it for one day.

World Peace Day on 21 September is getting bigger and bigger, and closer and closer to being institutionalised (ie the majority of people in the world know about it).

But there's still a way to go, and that's the challenge. Make World Peace Day more famous and a White Pencil could be yours.

You can do anything. But first you have to do something.

Read full brief.

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