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A few weeks ago, some of us headed to the OFFF conference in Barcelona. It was so inspiring to meet so many talented people. Speakers, attendees, and the vibrant energy of Barcelona made all of it an unforgettable experience. We couldn't wait to share it with every one else.

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It would be an endless task to sum up every talk we attended, so instead I will share some of the highlights:

  • The online world is becoming a source of inspiration for the offline world. Artist Lisa McRae, for example, works on recreating digital effects in the real world.
  • Procrastiworking", said Jessica Hische, is the key to happiness in her mind. It's about finding the right mix between the things you do to play" and to work". As Joshua Davis said, there is no reason why the two should conflict, as they ought to blend in and feed one another.
  • Doing is hard, ideas are easy" We need to move away from a culture of thinking, into a culture of doing. The 99percent conference was a great example of this.
  • Embrace creating problems, this is where you will have more fun.
  • Your phone becomes the application. It's no longer a phone, it is a camera. Whatever you build is not on top of the phone, the whole device is part of the app." Somewhat Mobile

Some pretty things to check out:

Bjrk Biophilia app

Mom this is how Twitter works

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