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We were lucky enough to host photographer Enzo Barracco for this week's Red Wednesday. Thematically dubbed White Wednesday, Enzo took us through a presentation of his recent trip to Antarctica.

Traditionally an artist and fashion photographer by trade, Enzo responded to a call of the wild and set off for one of the most inhospitable places on Earth. Sponsored by the UN, the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, Nikon, GoPro and Columbia Enzo battled the unpredictable elements and 'terrible smelling' penguins alike, and we got to see some amazing footage of his journey.

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The general feeling after the evening was one of sheer awe. Antarctica remains a hidden mystery for most of us. You know it's there, and you know the basic facts, but talking to someone who's actually witnessed the brutal beauty of Antarctica first hand was truly eye opening.

Enzo was asked what his overriding emotions were on his trip. To which he replied 'power' and 'fragility'. Such awesome, intimidating landscapes with unmatchable beauty. Yet witnessed in such an uncertain and fragile setting. There's something fascinating about seeing something so tremendous, yet so vulnerable.

Which led to our final question. How different was the experience compared to his usual work with the likes of Vivienne Westwood and Vogue Italy? Not as different as you'd think, apparently. Antarctica was a pretty similar subject to shoot as the supermodels he usually works with:

Beautiful, untameable, and totally unpredictable.

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