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Is eco tourism a marketing tactic or does it create real value?

How do we travel without trashing the planet?


These were some of the questions that were debated by industry experts, bloggers and travel enthusiasts at last night's Travel Salon, co-hosted by Gogobot and venturethree. An insightful night learning and discussing about what it means to travel responsibly, from bringing your own toiletries when you travel, to bigger issues like fuel consumption or poaching. 

More and more, we want tourism on our terms. We want real adventures. Experiences rather than packages, authenticity rather than holiday pictures. But these things only exist when we play a part in conserving local communities, culture and environment. And it's all down to the choices you make when you plan your trip. Want to contribute? Share ideas, questions and tips on Twitter #gogoboteco

To see the debate again:

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