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Every day we track, analyse, even celebrate the performance of our investments. The FTSE, NYSE, NASDAQ, NIKKEI and more are an ever-present, iconic part of the daily news. Why don't we hold up the inequality in the world - our failure to distribute wealth fairly and look after on another - to the same scrutiny? It's time we shone a light on the extreme poverty that still exists in the world today. Every single day.

The Gap Index

We will create one number to focus the world's attention on the shocking amount of people living on less than $1.25 a day. One number to represent every single person in the world who is struggling to survive in abject poverty, right now. One number, updated as frequently as possible. Published by every major media outlet on the planet.

We call it the GAP: the Global Anti-Poverty index. The GAP will shrink in response to development programmes, economic progress, rising levels of education and other positive factors. The GAP will grow in response to war, natural disaster, crop failure and other catastrophic events.

We will make the GAP a source of shame for today, and ambition for a better tomorrow. It will provoke new conversations, inspire action and make it clear to everyone how far we need to go to make extreme poverty a thing of the past. It will provide a clear focus for campaigns, projects and development programmes. It will signal the speed of change as we collectively fight to achieve ambitious development goals and raise 1.1 billion people out of abject poverty.

Next up is a two day workshop with the Cannes Chimera team in Seattle to see how we can push the idea further, so watch this space! Or should we say GAP?

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