In September 2016, venturethree organised a studio fundraiser for Cancer Research UK to put our creativity to use for a good cause.

We explored different ways of doing it, including sports, raffles, and baking-related events. In the end we decided it was best to play to our strengths and do something creative.

Our idea was to make customised tote bags that related to the cause and we’d sell to our colleagues to raise money. 

We took some basic data from everyone, including the number of people they knew who’d been affected by cancer, and used this to generate a unique print design. The design was added to the bags using a simple potato-shape printing system (yep, that’s what inspired our name) making every tote totally unique. 

In return for a personalised tote, we asked for voluntary donations to our charity of choice.    

Everyone at v3 got involved and we made a real mess of the studio while learning what it’s like to fundraise for the UK’s biggest charity. But most importantly, we raised £370 for life saving cancer research. Totes worth it. 

Potato Image3

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