Broadcasting today is democratised, diverse, intense. 6000 tweets posted every second, floods of Facebook articles, 400 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute, and there’s ‘traditional’ media too of course. Content is continuously interpreted and re-interpreted, cut-up and remixed, shared, misconstrued, elaborated on, discussed and debated.

Organisations who have built equity and credibility from content can not only be a part of this new neighbourhood, they can shape it.

Next generation broadcasting

Technology (faster, better connectivity) has led to a boom in online streaming – legal and illegal, live video broadcast and 360 video experiences. It has changed viewing behavior and expectations.

Fandom is more fluid – once people were more likely to change their religion than their football team, now new fans can be picked up on social media. New Yorkers are watching the Premier League as much as Northerners are watching the NFL. People are ‘following’ sport, not just watching it. They’re supporting stars (who they love to follow on Instagram), as much as teams.

If there’s peak content, there’s also peak distraction – fans are watching highlights of the best moments on social media. If they’re watching full matches they might also be triple-screening.

Sports is a great example of how established broadcasters are adapting:

- The NFL has joined forces with Twitter to stream live matches and highlights directly

- Some sports leagues are going directly to the viewer. In the US, Major League Baseball TV is the fourth largest streaming service after Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu. WWE and NFL are close behind.

- The Premier League has recently repositioned itself as a powerful consumer brand and removed sponsored branding. It now provides content directly to fans

Audiences are craving entertainment from all angles. They want to watch anytime, anywhere, they want to binge watch, but they want highlights, they expect an extraordinary choice and experience. Established sports broadcasters are in prime position to offer it.

So what’s the next step for broadcasting brands? 

Change the way you see yourself: be the full experience

Be more than the content you broadcast, because once you have a meaningful role in people’s lives, great content, innovation and experience will follow.

Spotify is much more than platform for other people’s music. It provides ‘music for everyone’, curating playlists and building powerful algorithms for people to discover more of the music they love. 

Change how the world sees you: find your starring role

Why is the world a better place because your brand exists? What is your purpose? What is your unique point of view? Believing in and being able to clearly articulate your role in the world gives you permission to change, evolve and progress in new directions, making you more than your content and future-proofing you.

Nike’s purpose is to ‘bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete* in the world (if you have a body, you are an athlete).’ This sets it up to serve a role beyond making excellent trainers (and content about trainers). It can credibly move into sports apps with Nike + and Nike Train, set up running communities, experiences and events in neighborhoods across the world. 

Change the world: don’t just follow trends, make them

So you’ve set yourself up with a meaningful role that means you can change things. If you’re broadcasting sport for example – reinvent, improve and power it.

Star Sports, India’s biggest sports channel wanted to transform the nation through sport. A nation of cricket fanatics and with one of the fastest growing youth populations in the world, their goal was to inspire the hero in everyone. It smashed the cricket monopoly, opening up the country to different sports. It delivered new experiences across multiple new platforms. It created grassroots movements for young people to become participants not just viewers – and it aimed always, to entertain.

Broadcasting is changing, and it’s the greatest time to do more than take part, it’s the greatest time to innovate.  

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