The Circular Economy is a powerful concept designed to re-think the way we design, manufacture and build products. From make, use, dispose to recover, re-use and regenerate, industries all over the world are working towards a more sustainable way of creating and consuming new products. 

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With advances in technology, consumers are one click away from knowing everything about their products and the impact they have on the environment. In a world of climate change and temperatures rising as well as an increase in demand of materials – there is no better time to start thinking about how we can design in a more innovative and sustainable way.  

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For the London Design Festival last year, Arup Associates created the UK’s first Circular Building. We invited Georgina Prince to tell us about the project and how  we can put the principles of the circular economy at the forefront of our minds. Our audience was a diverse mix of the v3 team, friends of the business and some real circular economy enthusiasts. Here Georgina tells us about Arup’s Circular Building:

And the movement is gathering momentum. Most recently, William McDonough + Partners announced their latest project incorporating the circular economy principles. The building based in Bogotá, Colombia for Universidad EAN will feature repurposed, recycled and re-used materials demonstrating both material and energy efficiency.

For our next Red Wednesday we look forward to welcoming innovation and circular economy consultancy Department22. Clare Brass and Dejan Mitrovic will be talking about innovating for a future economy on the 11th October at v3.

Photography: Simon Kennedy
Video footage: Arup Associates

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