An everyday issue

Credit’s a part of everyday life. Millions of us use it, for all sorts of reasons. Having access to it can be incredibly useful. But equally, being unable to access it, or mismanaging it - can be stressful, embarrassing, and difficult to see a way out of. Working with Aqua, we’ve created a brand that lets people know that there is another way. That you really can change your situation for the better - all you need is a little help.

Meet Aqua

Aqua is here to offer that help. Firstly, by working hard to say ‘Yes’ when others might not. And then, by working to understand your situation – so they can give easy to use tools and well-timed nudges to get you where you want to be. To deliver that message, we created ‘Aqua’. A pocket-sized personification of the Aqua approach. Empathetic and understanding of your situation. Always there to offer help. And on a mission to get more people on the right path to the ‘Yes’ they need to get their credit moving in the right direction. It’s this mission, and the lengths Aqua goes to complete it, that formed the basis for the new brand’s launch TV ad.

Brightening the brand

The Aqua brand is optimistic, bright and approachable. When you’ve got the right know-how, credit doesn’t have to feel like such a complicated, scary thing anymore. And everywhere from TV to online, that message comes across in a direct, immediate way. The simple, positive brand we developed is designed to give people the information they need, and the confidence to go ahead and use it.

Aqua Doormat V1 Landscape

Making credit simple, for good

Aqua acts as the friendly face of the brand, but beyond that, everything from the tone of voice, to the user experience is coming from a company that cares about its customers - and wants to see them succeed. Simplified language. Uncluttered design. And hints and tips along the way. If it’s helpful, it’s in the brand. If it’s just adding complexity, it’s not.

Aqua Balance Landscape
Aqua Instagram Landscape
Aqua Homepage Landscape
Aqua Nudge Landscape

Credit plays a big role in millions of lives. With Aqua, we hope that role might be a slightly different one. Our little character’s out in the world, and we’re looking forward to seeing how he makes his mark.