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Corney Barrow 01

The story

We separated their different bars and restaurants into three distinct sub-brands and defined each one's unique personality.

C&B, twelve City bars that share the same mantra as the City itself: "Work hard, play harder." Then there was Terrace restaurant: "The home of informal excellence", combining great food and impromptu parties. And finally, Cabin, the brand new bar at Waterloo Station that's putting the romance back into travel and reminding people: "Don't kill time, make the most of it."

What held these three different offers together? Wine by Corney & Barrow, complete with all the heritage and class that comes with it.

Corney Barrow 02

How did we bring it to life?

As well as creating the strategy and personality for each part of the story, we defined the look and feel, and tone of voice too. They all had to feel unique, but also part of the same family. Through a brand new website, bar refurbishments, photography, design, writing, web design and social media, the new Corney & Barrow is starting to come to life both inside and outside the City.

Have a look at the new Corney & Barrow website.