Could online video be alternative again?

Dailymotion works tirelessly on its product, optimising its features. But they could be more than functionally better, they could be a meaningful alternative to the mainstream. In a new era of visual storytelling, it was time to claim a clear, progressive point of view on the future.

Whilst YouTube nurtures video stars with a future in mainstream celebrity, Dailymotion celebrates everyone’s individual voice.

Keeping the world surprising and diverse

In a world of YouTube sameness, Dailymotion could stand for freedom, diversity and equality; a place that celebrates everyone’s view.

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Being the challenger

A new challenger mindset is embedded, ‘to keep the world surprising and diverse’. It impacts everything from culture to product innovation. A new identity follows, as both an inward and outward symbol of Dailymotion’s transformation.

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3 billion +

monthly views worldwide

300 million

unique monthly viewers

Dailymotion 11

Dailymotion grows from strength to strength with 300 million unique viewers globally, totting up over 3 billion video views. In 2015 they attract the attention of media giant Vivendi and become a newly acquired member of the family. Their identity and purpose remains intact. In fact, it is even more relevant as the industry consolidates – they are still keeping the world surprising and diverse.