Getting in the game

The DMI’s vision is to become the global authority for digital marketing education. They have the assets; 40,000 accredited members, an unparalleled global advisory council and thousands of hours of expert digital content. The brand, however, was struggling to package everything it offers in a way that would cut-through the growing category noise. The solution was born from the sum of the parts: the depth, breadth and reach of the DMI’s network and platform means it is right at the heart of the digital marketing game. A game perhaps one of the most exciting and powerful in the world today. This ‘get in the game’ promise and mentality becomes key to the new DMI story and expression.

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Revelling in transformation

Personal and professional development is an important, meaningful topic. Certainly not a game. Especially when people are investing thousands of pounds and hundreds of hours into it. To create the necessary trust to convert browsers into buyers, the ‘get in the game’ promise is underpinned by a brand truth embodied in every DMI employee: a genuine belief in the transformational power the right knowledge can have on anyone. This is their “why”. And every part of the new brand experience serves to express this sense of passion and purpose.

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A symbol of progress

To identify as the authority on digital marketing globally, we set out to own the 'D’ in digital. A symbol that does not belong to the brand, but to the thousands of people empowered by the DMI to use their skills and industry know-how to impact the world around them. To reflect this, the ‘D’ becomes a symbol of personal progress and impact, never-ending and always-evolving. The vibrant colours of the symbol are inspired by the colours of learning and the gradient represents transfer of knowledge from the DMI to its members.

Supported by a design system and tone of voice that is modern, bright and motivating, the new DMI brand is now on course to empower and educate the millions needing to stay relevant in an ever-changing digital world.