Be better at sleep

A global epidemic

A third of the global population suffers from poor sleep. Beyond the devastating health implications, this problem is costing the world a trillion dollars in productivity. Sleep is one of the critical issues facing modern society. That’s the scale of the challenge, and that’s why Dreem was created - to pioneer the breakthroughs that will make better sleep a reality for millions.

M wave

The sleep platform

Dreem have created a holistic sleep platform. Bringing together technology, science, research and world-leading expertise like never before. From sleep science to machine learning, mechanics to software engineering. A key component from day one has been the revolutionary Dreem Band. The Dreem Band measures sleep activity with new levels of precision, and enhances deep sleep through the transmission of low-frequency pink noise. 

The Dreem Band functions seamlessly alongside the Dreem Coach, more than an app the Dreem Coach functions as a personal sleep expert with programs tailored to individual needs, helping users get closer to a complete, personalised analysis of their sleep patterns, and definitive guidance on how to achieve better sleep.

Dreem Band Dreem Coach

A new way to look at sleep

The challenges for Dreem were clear from the outset. They face a category flooded with gimmicks and empty promises, alongside a growing barrier of consumer apathy and cynicism. For millions, poor sleep is just an accepted part of daily life. We needed to help Dreem cut through, and present themselves as a credible, ground-breaking solution. Dreem want to ‘wake the world up to a brighter, healthier and happier tomorrow’. Our work had to reflect the scale of this ambition, and bring to life the inherent optimism of the business and its approach. 

Beautiful impact

Core colourways inspired by the science of pink noise. A brand mark that alludes to Dreem’s pioneering use of sound and brain-waves. Imagery highlighting the real-life impact of this technology, and a hero 'm' wave that alludes to the ups and downs of everyone's individual sleep journey. The new brand is modern and tech-focused, whilst remaining warm, human and emotive. This reflects a business built on science, but driven by what it can do for people’s lives. Dreem’s new ambition is ‘to show the world the beautiful impact of being better at sleep’. And as they plan to eventually help one billion people worldwide sleep better, it’s clear just how big this impact will be.

Behind the scenes

Working collaboratively with Dreem, we brought the brand strategy to life. Our creative idea, ‘Beautiful Impact’, captures the tension at the heart of Dreem’s world – the tension that makes them truly unique. A tech pioneer, focussed on human experience. A goal that’s futuristic but realistic too. Neuroscience combined with empathy. A focus on nights to improve people’s days. We embraced these contradictions and used them as a creative force, building a brand that can represent who Dreem are today and inspire the business moving forward. The video below represents the creative journey we have been on with Dreem to find the right balance for the brand.

Building a brand has been an obsession for us since the beginning. It’s not a simple challenge. We are not a medical company, we are not a sexy consumer company. We are somewhere in between. Something unique. v3 intuitively understood the complexity. Working as part of our business, we built together a strategy and design system that can deliver against our very important mission.

Hugo Mercier, CEO, Dreem

Interview with Hugo Mercier, CEO, Dreem

Extract from Dreem public keynote, 17th September 2018, produced internally by Dreem