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Zume 01

Reviewing the technology, the market and the consumer benefits, we realised: this is so much more than another second screen application. It is the main event, mixing the best of digital with the best of F1, opening up amazing new broadcasting, rights and technology possibilities. For the user, multiple live streams, stats, social media and gamification features are seamlessly combined into one experience. Whatever fans want to see and do, they can. Personalising their live viewing, they become the architects of their own productions.

Zume 02

We created a brand to communicate, and own, this new category. The name Zume conveys momentum, energy and unbounded potential. Its powerful idea: UNLEASH. Zume is here to unleash F1's content -whether previously broadcast or not - releasing dormant and exceptional value for the rights owner and exciting new moments of sports drama for the user. We designed a high-energy visual identity with real presence and thrust. Zume is always upbeat and the sport's biggest enthusiast. The personality and tone of voice we shaped stokes the passion of every true fan. We brought it to life across platforms and media in every format.

Zume 03
Zume 04

Zume launched at the NAB show in Las Vegas in April 2013 before premiering at the Hungarian grand prix in July, for the Japanese market. Within days, it reached number 1 in the App Store. Fans are heralding it as the next big thing in sports viewing. We can't wait to see what's next, and we're continuing working with WPSChallenger on market shifting new projects.