Can a traditional media company become a new media powerhouse?

Hearst reaches 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men across 37 print and digital platforms, and even more through events and social media. But Hearst’s business offers far more than entertaining content about celebrities, fashion and style. Hearst reaches millions in Britain, inspiring and empowering them with advice, reassurance and ideas. They’re a friend, the friend who nurtures confidence – encourages you to do a 10k run, reassures you it’s OK to try 90’s fashion (for the second time), or understands you need step-by-step instructions to cook a meal. Their significance in people’s lives is an untold story.

Hearst’s reach is of note. So too is its depth. Millions in the UK turn to its publications for much more than entertainment.

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A single truth unites and defines Hearst – confidence. They give millions of people the confidence to live the lives they want to live. In an industry that at its worst promotes unrealistic lifestyles and expectations, this is rooted in an emotive, human idea. At the same time, Hearst themselves needs the confidence to believe they are a media powerhouse, one capable of leading this new conversation.

A single strong voice

Hearst’s ‘confidence’ is compelling to clients and motivating to employees. A simplified brand architecture, from 50 sub brands to just six client-focused products, means they can focus on their strengths and clients can understand their offering. And they can effectively bring internal teams together, claiming one of the industry’s strongest voices.

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An industry-changing dialogue

Hearst’s new direction drives growth, with big client wins amongst the new product offerings and across 10 of their 12 magazine brands. We’re now working closely to instill the brand across all their experiences, platforms, products and services. It’s the start of a confident, new story for the magazine industry.

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