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Fintech for the world

As other global destinations like New York, Hong Kong and Singapore jostled for position, we worked with partners including 10 Downing Street and incubator Level 39, to position London as the number one place for Fintech in the world. Powered by technology and a new people-centred approach, Fintech companies are rewriting the rules of the industry. We saw the opportunity to bring them together under a progressive movement.


We created a movement to transform perceptions of London and breathe new life into financial services innovation.

The future of financial services

Innovate Finance was born to champion the UK and foster innovation, uniting Fintech companies under a common agenda that could make the industry better for everyone. From naming to purpose, visual identity to tone of voice and engagement strategy to launch, we created the tools and actions to build the movement from the foundations up.

The fintech sector has emerged as a powerful, borderless, global movement and the UK has been at the heart of its growth and influence.

Innovate Finance
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A beacon for post-brexit progress

Since its launch in late 2014, Innovate Finance has brought together hundreds of organisations from blockchain pioneers to established players like Barclays. And post-Brexit, Innovate Finance will continue to help London lead the way.