Can an industrial giant create a loved consumer brand?

Reliance Industries is laying the foundations of mass transformation – routers, fibre optics and servers, ultra-cheap smartphones too with Ambani’s ‘Lyf’ offering them from 3,000 Rs. But awareness and cultural change are also needed, driven by a brand people can believe in. We work directly with Ambani to help shape India’s future. We change thinking from rooted in big industry to creating a personal and loved consumer brand. For the first time an elderly man from a remote village can Skype a doctor, a young girl from Dharavi can watch Harvard lectures. India can progress beyond China.

Ambani Reliance Jio

Jio – live life

We help make the idea as big as it can be, changing thinking from subscriber numbers to empowering a nation. We design the brand architecture, name and identity. Jio comes from Jiyo – the Hindi for ‘live life’. It exactly communicates the idea that connectivity is just the beginning; Jio will allow people to live fuller, better lives.


India, a symbol of progress

President Modi takes the idea of a connected India into the national consciousness. He backs Jio, helping to show how it enables individual progress, which means progress for all Indians. At the beginning of 2019 Jio's subscriber base reached 280 million.