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Can a marketplace nurture human connections?

Today, convenience is expected and time is a luxury, which presents an opportunity for Just Eat to be far more than a last minute craving, a late night curry. It is a healthy breakfast a few mornings a week, lunch in the park or a dinner party with friends. It is more than an aggregator serving up convenience, it is a place to find old favourites and discover new ones – unparalleled choice, for any occasion, at any time. By ‘Making food discovery exciting for everyone’, Just Eat becomes the heart of a community of food lovers.

Just Eat delivers more than convenience, it means deeper relationships and diversity of choice too.

From everyday transactions to growing a global community

The world's greatest food community

Just Eat have over 65,000 restaurant partners, over 14 million customers and 2,500 employees around the globe – the start of the world’s greatest food community. ‘Find your flavour’ invites customers to explore and enjoy all that choice. Working closely with the leadership team, we help realise a new purpose, a new way of thinking about product and service innovations, communications and culture. The expression of this identity is a vibrant, open invitation for everyone. 

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From late night delivery to dining out with friends

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Let's just eat

More and more logistics businesses are setting their sights on the food industry, delivering an increasingly individual, impersonal and transactional experience. Just Eat is redefining the industry again, this time around community: the human connections and the food occasions ingrained in our everyday lives. It is the new normal – Just Eat a picnic in the park or Just Eat at sunset on the beach, it is our new food culture.

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From fulfilling orders to rewarding relationships

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We have new focus and momentum to take the business forward. The rebrand is part of a strategy to demand clear market leadership to drive sustainable profitability.

David Buttress, Just Eat Chief Executive