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The speed-jump from dial-up to broadband created everything we take as standard today - movie streaming, video calling, photo sharing, mega downloading, global gaming and on it goes. More speed isnt about going faster. Its about more possibilities and more participation. Faster speeds, without speed limits so the only limits will be our imaginations. Our task was to create a stand-alone brand thats neutral from the two brands behind it, but powered by them for credibility. Introducing UltraFibreOptic. UFO. Something so fast it can keep up with 1000Mb of fibre power.

The UltraFibreOptic proposition is simple - do more of what you love doing online, together. And because the joint venture is such a modern way of operating collaboratively, we positioned it as a Sky + TalkTalk idea. In a crowded marketplace the idea element helps differentiate the two businesses as creative thinkers, doers and leaders. The creative concept comes straight from the name - UFO. The actual product is light so it follows that everything UFO says and does is powered by light. Its a refreshing look for a completely new category full of possibilities.

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