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Life Ok 01

The story

LifeOK was created to celebrate what we already have our family and friends, and our values and beliefs. All of the shows and characters on the channel invite us to reflect on our lives, and cherish what matters most. That we can still have dreams, but it's living by our values that will help us achieve them. They needed a brand to reflect that. To connect with people all over India, from every situation rich and poor, urban and rural, young and old.

Life Ok 02

How did we bring it to life?

We created a living, breathing brand with an icon called 'OK' that takes its shape from the letters of the word 'OK'. He glows with emotion in reaction to his environment, and he guides viewers through the channel. The on-screen packaging was developed through a UK/India creative partnership. We worked with Star's in-house broadcast team, London's leading character animators and the agency The Council to bring the icon to life through idents and on-screen graphics.

Here's their brand film on YouTube.