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The story

MUTV didn't live up to the brand it represented Manchester United, a household name and sporting giant. We needed to bring the success, quality and prestige associated with Manchester United, into the TV channel.

Manchester United 03

How did we bring it to life?

We modernised the brand; built the crest in 3D, recoloured it and gave it a new, premium quality and a red glow that we called the 'heat of red', to represent the energy and passion behind the club and channel. We introduced the line 'We are United' as the channel tagline, to express what the channel was all about; bringing together the team, the staff, and the worldwide fans united with one passion for Manchester United. We created graphic idents to introduce the new brand, and filmic idents, showing intimate moments with the players and the fans to bring people closer to the team they love. And in the build up to the 2009 Audi Cup, we designed a press campaign which reflected the channel's relationship with the world's best-loved football club.