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Does lasting loyalty still exist?

Loyalty has come to mean a plastic card tucked away in your wallet. But a rich and rewarding experience that goes beyond the transactional is how people can get the very best out of their M&S.

Loyalty doesn’t sit in your wallet with your gym pass, it needs a deeper connection.

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A valuable data business

We design the proposition and platform for a data business where M&S can continuously improve their experience. It encourages people to share their preferences and habits and sets up the business to learn.

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Inspiration for life

‘Inspiration for life’ positions M&S for a long-term relationship and invites advocacy. The ‘Sparks’ name references inspiration and their affectionate nickname ‘Marks and Sparks.’ We also design the brand experience from the back office to the shop front and give employees the practical tools to make the brand idea a reality.  

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4 million sign ups

As a new CEO steps in to recharge M&S, Sparks pushes the business forwards and rekindles its special relationship with customers. There’s more work to do, but with over 4 million members signed up and a significant increase in ROI, the Sparks relationship is a truly rewarding one.