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What’s the next leap for video?

MX1 represents a new no.1 in media. The first truly global, end-to end media experience provider. No one else is able to work with media creators and broadcasters at every stage, helping transform and optimise content for any medium and any audience.

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The world’s media globalizer

Whether for tech firms like Facebook and Google or broadcasters like Sky, MX1 partners with industry leaders to bring the very best out of their video content. Although this is a new business, the team behind it have experience and expertise like no one else. Straight from launch, MX1 immediately represents a new industry standard, a new no.1.

Experience more

Although MX1 isn’t a traditional customer-facing brand, its services impact every viewer in a tangible way. It’s not simply about transferring information from one place to another. Whether it’s entertainment, education, or communication, video content is ultimately a way of sharing and enhancing experience. This idea is captured by the creative expression at the heart of the brand – Experience more.

A new approach

From the beginning, we worked with MX1 to create a brand that lives up to the company’s position as a new no.1. It couldn’t look or sound like anything else, and it doesn’t. 

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M - Media. X - Experience. 1 - No.1

The visual language of MX1 combines the world of tech with more human, expressive elements. Colours and background components constantly shift, reflecting a range of media experiences and the ever-changing nature of the industry. The pulse, ebb and flow of the design positions MX1 as a more human, vibrant alternative. Something to stand out in an industry that often feels more about pixels than people.

MX1 Customer Experience

We’ve worked with MX1 from the very beginning, creating a completely new brand for a completely new kind of business. Now it’s time to introduce it to the world.

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