We want every company in the world to become a Fintech. With our platform, anyone who wants to issue any new product will now have the financial infrastructure to do so. It’s about opening possibilities for anyone. That’s the most exciting aspect.

Prajit Nanu - Co-Founder & CEO, Nium
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Globalisation is on the up. And as the world becomes smaller, the opportunities are getting bigger — with more people looking for quicker, smarter and safer ways to move their money across borders. Enter, Nium: the platform that’s set to create a world of ‘Open Money’ that works for everyone. We’ve partnered with them to bring this purpose to life, and create a fresh new brand for an exciting new era.


Nium is built on the bold ambition of founder, Prajit Nanu. We’ve worked closely with both him and his leadership team to bring their vision to life across every touchpoint — from the name, tone of voice and visual expression, to the brand strategy, brand architecture and internal launch strategy. Together, we’ve built a brand that’s reflects Nium’s challenger spirit and innovative approach to the future of money.

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What’s in a name? Well, quite a lot as it happens. ‘Nium’ originates from the Sanskrit word ‘niyam’, meaning rules and principles. This is rooted in Nium’s drive to re-write the rules of finance and spark exciting new possibilities. This distinctive name speaks to the brand’s big ambition — to create a world of open money that works for everyone, everywhere.

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Nium have turned their ambitions into action by creating an open financial platform that enables people to move money across borders — simply, seamlessly, securely, and in real-time. Over the next few years, they’ll roll out the Open Money Network across Singapore, India, Europe, and the USA. With new and exciting possibilities opening up before us, we can’t wait to see what the future holds.

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The Nium brand has real oomph — designed to convey the authority of a business that’s leading the way in the world of open money. The logo type and icon are bold and unapologetic, with strong bespoke letterforms. While the authentic photographic style and vibrant colour palette give Nium real stand out in a sea of same-old, same-old.

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