Should you ever be your own competition?

NOW TV offers high quality entertainment and fast, reliable broadband with the technology of the future built into the box. But it is the ability to choose exactly what you want, free from contractual constraints that appeals to more than the 18-29 age group – especially as technology continues to liberate all our lives. Creating NOW TV as entirely new and distinct from Sky allows an established player to be the alternative.

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NOW TV introduces anti-establishment thinking and breaks industry convention – starting with no contracts.

Full of fun, extra easy, super smart, on the pulse

With a powerful place in the world carved out, we create a brand personality and expression to communicate NOW TV’s fresh approach – fun, easy, smart, spontaneous– in a changing and often complex category.

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The UK's fastest growing TV service

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NOW TV launches with a bang. We help them to stay ahead and to grow, launching new firsts like NOW TV Combo, which offers people ever more relevant products (TV services and broadband together). And there is still a great opportunity to drive disruption and innovation from within – NOW TV’s own internal culture, one that stands apart from Sky’s. Now that would be alternative.

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