Can books entertain in a hyper-connected age?

The idea of storytelling is becoming a cliché in every industry, but the idea of the book is enduring (in all its forms, paperback, hardback, audio…). Books have a profound effect on our culture. Yet many people don’t consider themselves readers, sitting down for hours to road trip with Kerouac, but would flick through Jamie Oliver’s 15 Minute Meals. The opportunity for Penguin Random House is to take the book off the publishing shelf, and place it firmly on the entertainment stage.

Penguin Tiles

Books take the stage

Re-casting the book as entertainment alongside social media, video and music streaming and gaming means staging reading as a rich, moment-to-moment experience. But before changing people’s minds, Penguin’s internal mindset needs changing – from publisher to entertainer.

Penguin Fb Split

Colour the world with books, make life less black and white

The idea ‘colour the world with books, make life less black and white’ pitches reading in the realm of entertainment. It conveys the richness of the reading experience, how it colours our lives and the spaces we occupy.

Freeing the bird

Inhabiting the entertainment space means liberating the penguin to live across and connect new platforms with confidence. From creative strategy to execution, including website, Tube journeys and Box Park pop-up, we’re helping publishing’s new innovators to sell the book again.