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How do you appeal to consumers who are apathetic to the industry at best, and openly hostile at worst?

Few people ever have anything positive to say about their energy provider. But in Spain, stories of corruption, conspiracy and collusion between the Big Five energy companies (nicknamed the ‘Eléctricas’) and the government litter the press, leaving the public feeling helpless and hostage to them.

Spain’s energy industry thrives on complexity and confusion. Customer service leaves a lot to be desired too.

Re-energising the industry

Wherever we look - from social media and real-world consumer testing to conversations with industry experts, we hear "they're all as bad as each other” and “things will never change" all too often. The challenge is to build a real alternative from the ground up, a digital business that is very human. It should inspire the public with a choice that doesn’t merely say the right thing, but above all, does the right thing.

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Effortless, proactive, contagious

We ask the founders how an Electrica would think at each stage of the customer journey, then ask them to think in the opposite way.  We ask Spanish consumers to imagine their ideal energy company and use the insights to transform the customer experience. We draw on best practice from outside the category and set a new benchmark.

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A radically better experience

Podo takes every customer friction point and flips it. From bills that don’t need a degree to understand to an app that gives you control of your usage, and a real person to speak to, helping you reduce your bills. The idea: ‘We’re electricity, not an eléctrica’ defined a new experience – from UX and UI to visual feel and tone – Podo is the new customer champion for Spain.

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The Spanish word ‘poder’ means ‘power’ (noun) and ‘to be able to’ (verb). The ‘Podo’ name represents a smart, memorable and anti-institutional way of thinking.

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The people have spoken

The launch of Podo is in its early stages and excitement is already building across social media and in the press. It seems many Spanish people have been waiting for this revolution.