The history

We've been hmv's brand agency for over six years. Since 2006, we've helped people get closer to the stuff they love across a huge retail estate. We've advised on a unique loyalty card offering and expanded the business beyond CDs, DVDs and games into live music, cinema and technology.



The driving force behind our work has always been to capture the passion that hmv has for what it does. Its competitors sell the same stuff cheaper and will deliver it to your house quicker. But hmv have listened to the album, can tell you about a film that's better than your all-time fav, and will show you how to kill the boss at the end of level 7


How did we bring it to life


Although the business has faced an uphill struggle since Amazon et al came along, the brand still feels strong. That's because when you're talking about the stuff people really care about, clicks and algorithms don't cut it. You need some good old-fashioned human passion. It won't necessarily save an out-dated business model, but it makes a brand that people understand and love.

We've written more about this over on Design Week, feel free to check it out.