The challange

This was a full rebrand. The restaurant was changing its menu, refurbishing and adding a new take away offer. With 93% recognition, the name had to stay, but everything else was up for grabs.

Little Chef needed to appeal to everyone on the road, and for this to happen we had to let people know that Little Chef had changed for the good.


The story

Over the years, travellers' needs had changed, but Little Chef hadn't. Somewhat neglected and underinvested in for years, Little Chef lost its place as the nation's favourite place to stop.

Our job was to reinvent Little Chef, while respecting the heritage and loyal customer base it already had. But to make Little Chef great again, we had to open up a whole new audience.


How did we bring it to life?

Wonderfully British is the idea that runs through everything. The idea was reflected in messaging with bags of personality and humour. Brought to life with big, bold typography and a colour palette ranging from mushy pea green to baked bean orange. Plus the logotype and Charlie were given a makeover and new lease of life. But hes still instantly recognizable as Charlie - the bridge between old and new.