Instant awesome TV. No strings attached

To create a new TV brand for a new audience. Powered by Sky, but independent - NOW TV brings the biggest and best entertainment for those who don't need a contract.

We worked closely with the NOW TV team to create a brand that gave a nod to its Sky roots - but with a fresh new attitude, look and feel.

The story

Following the explosion in internet-connected TVs, mobiles and gadgets, more and more people were looking for great TV to watch over the web. That's where NOW TV comes in.

On the pulse, reacting, changing and leading 'the now', it's always ahead of what's happening and on a mission to open up a new way of watching the best movies. And that's just the start. Sports and box sets will be following soon.


How did we bring it to life?

Together with NOW TV we shaped the proposition for the brand - showcasing that the best movies, TV shows and sports Sky offers were available, but with no contract to tie you down. We then pinned down the brand personality and a distinctive tone of voice to show the world what NOW TV was all about. We matched this with a bold new look that set the brand apart from Sky and its competitors. Altogether, we created a spontaneous, on the pulse brand, ready to lead a TV revolution (and have a bit of fun along the way).