The challenge

For all their success, Waterstones' competitors have turned book buying into a heartless, transactional affair

In Waterstones we saw a buck to this trend. Its bookshops are a space where books are cherished, and have the power to inspire anyone who steps foot inside. They're somewhere to while away a pleasant hour and meet like-minded people, or even your favourite author.

Our approach was to turn up the love, and create a brand that celebrated books and reading in the way its shops always have.


The story

It's a tough time to be a bookshop.

Supermarkets sell the same books for less. Amazon deliver them to your house for free. E-readers are threatening to do to publishing what the iPod did to the music industry.

And with stuff like Angry Birds and Boris Johnson gifs pinging around our mobile screens, when does anyone have the time to read anyway?


How did we bring it to life?

In keeping with this, our creative direction came from the most visually appealing part of any bookshop the books themselves. Cover design, photography, typesetting and typography gave us a broad palette to play with, whilst guaranteeing our look and feel would be true to what we were about.

And with an increased focus on experience, passion and interaction, we have helped Waterstones build a strong and meaningful proposition in an increasingly impersonal and transitory world.