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Rac 01

Positively motoring

We introduced a dynamic chevron device, inspired by the markings on RAC vans all across the country. A device rooted in the heritage of motoring and road signage, given new purpose and meaning. Versatile, positive and forward moving, the chevrons act as a window into the world of motoring. A device to tell stories around motoring that go way beyond breakdown. Imagery used within the chevrons is unexpected from the RAC, and shows an understanding of their members' driving lives. They are big and bold, cropped and animated, and allow the RAC to own the imagery it uses in a fresh and iconic way.

Rac 02

"It's the first big step in our journey to reposition the brand as truly being on the side of the motorist. People realise we are brilliant at breakdown, but we feel we can offer many products and services to make motoring easier and more affordable to members."

John Orriss, Sales and Marketing Director, RAC

The RAC is a trusted British institution, so we knew the work we did needed to respect its heritage. We wanted to reignite passion within the brand. With over 2 million motorists in the UK belonging to the RAC, we wanted the brand to be a source of pride and belonging. Something to aspire to and trust in, and a signal of membership to a close-knit community of motorists all facing the same issues in today's driving climate.We refreshed their logo, without changing its iconic form. We also refreshed their typography, and made their orange feel more premium and sophisticated, using it as a vibrant highlight colour within a cleaner, whiter world. Allowing our new, often colourful imagery to shine. So while they now feel more premium and relevant to today's motorists, they're still very much the RAC we all know and trust.

Rac 03

The journey forwards

The work launched with a free fuel campaign created by London-based advertising agency BBH. We've given the RAC the tools to go well beyond breakdown in what they offer British motorists, and this is just the start of an exciting journey.

We'll continue to work with the RAC to implement the refreshed brand across all touch points. From changing the way they communicate with their members, to reinventing their digital presence and renewing their van livery messaging