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The story

The Smith School of Oxford, in partnership with the Rothschild Foundation, were planning a new sort of environmental forum.

Their idea was to focus on the fixable issues of resource scarcity, and bring together the people with the power to fix them. And by 'people', we mean the likes of Bill Clinton, Sir David Attenborough, Sir Terry Leahy and David Miliband.

The event was planned for the 12th-13th July 2012 in Oxford in the UK.

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How did we bring it to life?

Rethinking, renewing, reforming, revolution as we talked to the organizers, one theme kept recurring 're', the prefix that challenges the word it precedes, demanding change. This idea led us to the name Re|Source, our tagline 'Rethink. Renew. Reform.' and our promotional film (with a reversed narrative).

It also helped us to rethink our visual approach and create a striking, intelligent style and palette, strong enough to stand alongside some of the brightest and most influential minds of our generation.

Make sure you check out the official Re|Source website.